Older & Nervous Drivers

Experienced Driving Instructors for Older or Nervous Drivers

Improve Driving Skills at Any Age Level

Our specially trained and certified driving instructors can work with all types of drivers, including nervous and older drivers who may need help wuth improving their on-the-road skills. You'll get personalized attention to assist in any areas where driving may be a nerve-racking experience, including parking, highway driving, busy intersections, nighttime driving, and highway merging. We can train you in specific areas at your request and according to your current skill level.

Our knowledgeable instructors are patient and calm. They're experts at helping nervous drivers get accustomed to driving comfortably!

Reasons for Seeking Driving Lessons

There's no need to feel anxious about refining and renewing your driving skills at any point in your life when Drive Right Auto School is here to help! People who are beyond their teen years often get professional driving instruction for a number of reasons: 
  • Never got around to learing how to drive / reluctant to get a license
  • Moved to Rhode Island from another state and want to take practice lessons
  • Instructors can familiarize you with specific Rhode Island driving laws
  • Instructors can teach you the area where you will be driving  
  • Take as few or as many lessons as you want
Certified Instructors!
Call 877-833-6716
We are available to offer driving lessons in the day or evening - 7 days a week. Lessons can be as long or as short as you want.
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