Teen Drivers

Lessons to Prepare Teen Drivers

Convenient On-The-Road Driving Education 

Once a student has a learner's permit, getting behind the wheel is the first step to learning the techniques to become a confident driver. The expert instructors at Drive Right Auto School will help young drivers refine the skills they need to pass the driving exam on their way to becoming a safe, adult driver. 

We offer door-to-door service for your convenience. Our expert instructors can come to the child's school, home, or work for their lessons. On the day of their exam, the student can use the driving school's vehicle, and our instructors will also accompany the student to the driver's test. They can complete 6 hours of driving and save money on their car insurance as well.

Let Us Teach Your Teen How to Drive

Having a certified and experienced instructor give your child driving lessons is far more beneficial and less stressful than a parent teaching them. Your child will receive instruction from a professional who knows exactly what to look for in a young driver, and understands how to help teens improve their skills. your child will be on the road to passing their exam for a lifetime of safe driving. 

Drivers of all skill levels will receive personalized attention from a calm, patient instructor instead of a parent who may not have the time, technique, or the proper knowledge of the exam to help the student prepare for their test. Our certified instructors can enhance the skills of any teen driver!

Enrollment Procedure

Call us to get your child on the road with the skills they require to become a defensive driver. We'll need to know if your child is under or over 18, and they've had experience behind the wheel. We offer driving lessons 7 days a week - day or evening lessons - which can be for an hour, an hour and a half, 2 hours, or whatever you wish!

All students must have a driver's permit before beginning their lessons. If they are 18 or above, we'll need to know whether or not they took a classroom driver's education course since students over 18 can get a permit without taking the classroom instruction. Our office staff is available to answer any questions or concerns you as a parent may have.
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Driver Education Certificate

Any driver who completes a minimum of 6 hours of on-the-road instruction can receive a Driver Education Certificate, which qualifies you for insurance discounts. Many insurance companies offer discounted rates for certificate holders - saving you money!
Available 7 Days a Week!
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Our driving instructors are certified by the RI Department of Motor Vehicles.
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